High levels of building performance and investment return

L35, Italik


With offices in Abu Dhabi, Athens and Madrid, KEN International is a trusted engineering, construction and project management company. Founded in 2013, and an associate-partner of one of the leading architectural firms in the world, L35 Architects, we offer a wide variety of construction project management services across all building sectors.

Our involvement in numerous successful large-scale construction projects has contributed to our fast-paced global expansion, working with a prestigious clientele. Our meticulous management strategies, along with the team’s expertise, help us deliver the most successful project outcomes, with a portfolio spanning across Europe and the Middle East. We provide professional services throughout the project lifecycle, from planning, design management and engineering to consulting and construction management.

Committed to operating in exceptional quality, safety and business ethics, we believe in a versatile performance, constantly taking on complex challenges. Consistently focused on high quality services, we commit to excellence in all we do.


An interflow of ethics, expertise
& diversity

Our team consists of experts with extensive experience in their respective fields, who are passionate about what they do and are continuously developing their skills and strengthening their knowledge.