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On December 27, 2018
Whether we are representing a client, discussing the terms of an agreement with a sub-contractor, trying to get a better price from material suppliers, or trying to resolve a dispute, negotiation skills are at the epicenter of what we do. This is why
On December 17, 2018
The Risk Management process involves many sequential steps that constitute a carefully structured plan, like the one that we have developed in KEN International through our extensive experience and in-depth knowledge. Unlike simplistic and generalist
On December 4, 2018
As a firm, we have developed and followed a comprehensive environmental sustainability plan in each of the construction projects that we have undertaken thus far. Protecting the environment and minimizing the construction footprint is one of the core
On November 27, 2018
Construction is filled to the brim with risks, meaning that the risk management process needs to be integrated to all functions otherwise something important is bound to get missed. All uncertainties are associated to one or more functions of the con
On November 16, 2018
Ken International has just recently been awarded and signed the contract agreement dated on October 02, 2018 for the scope of Quantity Surveying Services and Executive Architect of the following project: • Project Information: Private High-End Vill
On November 14, 2018
Ever since our conception, we have paid attention to novelty parts of construction management that others may consider as unnecessary, or at least not absolutely important. Life Cycle Assessment is one of those things, and it is an indispensable comp
On November 9, 2018
Risk Analysis in construction management can be basically summed up to the elimination of uncertainty. This of course is not as simple as it sounds as uncertainty engulfs everything at the start of the planning phase. We can surpass the associated di
On October 29, 2018
What is Version Management Shop drawings that describe how a building is going to be structured, or how it’s going to look like when completed are pieces of high technical value and also highly technical detail. Combine this with the fact that a dr
On October 23, 2018
Claims management is one of our most successful areas of service, offering it directly on the construction projects that we undertake or even as a consulting agency for projects carried out by other offices. With ethical conduct and transparency bein
On October 15, 2018
Pre-Execution Planning (PEP) is one of the areas where we focus all our energy and focus on when undertaking a new project. Our experience has shown that a clearly defined strategy for project management is the key to the success of a construction pr
On October 8, 2018
KEN International is keen to stay at the epicenter of technological developments, seeking new and innovative ways to do things more efficiently as well as more effectively. We always strive to be early adopters of pioneering tools that offer an edge
On October 2, 2018
Quantity Surveying is one of the brightest areas of our expertise spectrum, and never having a claim made against us is the result of starting on a solid basis from our surveying. We understand that this is where transparency with our clients is ensu