Covering the full spectrum of a construction project

Modern East Shopping Mall, Istanbul – Turkey


We provide exclusive Consultancy Services for our clients, converting their vision, aspirations and requirements into a working blueprint for implementation. Our dedicated team of experts, with cutting edge technical knowledge and experience of integrated digital platforms, provides a wide range of professional services from technical advisory, value and quality engineering assessment to BIM Modeling capabilities, with the support of Cloud based platforms that offer valuable insights for project management and work flow optimization, tailored to our specific Client requirements.

Project Management

Providing our clients with a solid basis for a successful outcome in any type of construction project.


A disciplinary portfolio of civil, structural, mechanical and electrical engineering services.

Construction Management

Ensuring the on-time, on-budget completion and delivery of construction projects, with the highest standards of quality.

Cost Management

Optimizing each stage of the project development process, leading to significant cost cuts and time savings.

Quality Management

Defining and achieving international quality standards and detail engineering.

Contract Management

Establishing clear contract terms, reducing conflicts and accelerating project delivery.

Client Representation

Acting as an extension of the Client, we safeguard their interests by monitoring and directing the project throughout all stages towards success.

Quantity Surveying

Utilizing cutting-edge tools that enable us to predict the project cost with unprecedented accuracy.

Claims Management

Assisting our clients in resolving unforeseen situations through an effective remediation plan.

Executive Architects

Playing an integral role in technical project development, coordination and delivery.