Focusing on the details while being proactive

Claims Management

At KEN International, we are proud of our achievement to keep claims at a minimum rate thanks to our in-depth and methodical contract formulation that leaves no grey areas. We involve lawyers and engineering experts who combine their expertise to formulate contracts that are in perfect accordance to the legislation, as well as in agreement with the collaborative mentality that we cultivate to our vendors, suppliers, subcontractors, and the client’s technical representatives. Conducting such an in-depth risk evaluation and focusing on the details enable the people who work with us to pay equal attention to the details and deliver the agreed work items according to the quality levels and specifications that are precisely indicated and defined in the contract terms, from the Bill of Quantities and how it relates to the overall scope of the work, to the methods of monitoring the performance and technical information flow control during the project. This way we achieve a high level of claim prevention performance, so usually we have no claims to deal with in the first place.

In the rare cases that something is out of the designated alignment, we make the claim management process as simplified and as quick as possible, so any stalemates, financial losses, time delays, and disputes between parties have been corresponded to specific step-by-step resolution methodologies that we have found that work best through our experience in previous projects. When a claim is being made or a claim opportunity is evident, our experts identify it and relate it to specific contract terms. The claim is then quantified and we prepare relevant cost estimation and schedule affection analysis so that the client can make a better and more targeted decision. The resolution of the claim is achieved through a relevant justification based on the contract terms, a negotiation session that we undertake for the account of the client if needed and the typical finalization.