FIDIC-Certified, field experience strengthened

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Contract Management

KEN International has recently achieved a certification on “Contract Management and Administration” which is based on the FIDIC (International Federation of Consulting Engineers) standard and is indicative of our devotion to excellence in that area. We deeply understand the business importance of contract management during construction projects and we believe that establishing clear terms and management procedures helps reduce conflicts, accelerates the project delivery, and makes everything transparent to the involved parties so there are no delays and misunderstandings. We perform analytical contract planning and documentation, categorize the contracts into different types and initiate a fair bidding process by being careful to always place the benefit of our client as our first priority.

In our contact formulation process, we involve experienced experts who take care of the term details as they know the intricate risks and common issues of each construction work type. Moreover, we also involve a team of lawyers who possess the know-how of formulating contract terms that respect the collaborating parties while keeping the risks at a minimal level. For this reason, we specifically determine the insurance mechanisms and connect them to the scope of the work and the dates of deliverance of the various tasks, the penalties for failures and defects, the dispute resolution mechanisms, the supporting evidence based on internationally accepted tests or other means, and we even cover special cases. All of the above are recorded and uploaded on our project management software platforms, so the contract terms are clearly defined and shared with the concerned parties as well as the client. Based on this, we create milestones for our vendors and subcontractors, inspect their work and approve the determined payment as per the planning and our agreement.