Optimal financial resources efficiency

Cost Management

At KEN International, we strongly believe that cost management is the ultimate mechanism to any engineering project, which can be analyzed into time and energy efficiency as well as financial resources efficiency. We optimize each element of the project development process, leading to significant cost cuts and time savings. That is why we always start by performing a critical path method analysis, then we conduct an optimal resource distribution and leveling and finally we pay attention to the risk assessment to avoid costly surprises later on. We leave nothing at chance as our team always revert back to the latest specialized tools and softwares to reach ultimate cost-saving results without compromising the final quality of the work. We apply 6-sigma methodologies in every part of the construction process, and we continuously train our technicians and site workers on ways to maximize their performance in their respective work field. All that said, we strive to constantly optimize our cost management process, getting more efficient every day by learning from the process.