Optimal financial resources efficiency

Cost Management

At KEN International, we strongly believe that cost efficiency is the ultimate key to any engineering project, and when it comes to construction this can be analyzed into time efficiency, energy efficiency, and financial resources efficiency. We treat each element and each step of the construction process as an individual field where optimizations can be applied, leading to significant cost cuts and time savings. That is why we start by performing a critical path method analysis, conduct an optimal resource distribution and leveling and finally pay attention to the risk assessment so as to avoid costly surprises later on. We leave nothing at chance as people and specialized software join forces to reach the ultimate cost-saving result without making any compromise in the final quality or the work safety and environmental protection standards.

From the approval of our pre-estimation by the client and on, we undertake the management of the order placement by negotiating with suppliers to achieve the best possible terms of collaboration, we check the deliverables of the vendors and subcontractors so as to release their payments as per the contractual agreements, we combine work items that require the utilization of the same construction equipment to reduce the renting expenses, and we apply 6-sigma methodologies in every part of the construction as we continuously train the technicians and site workers on how to maximize their performance in their specific work field/area. All that said, we strive to constantly optimize and adapt our cost management process and every work task that is related to it, getting more efficient each day and learning from the process. That is how we have achieved an unprecedented record of consecutive “on-time” and “on-budget” projects in the past few years, no matter the level of complexity and magnitude of the projects that we worked on.