Construction-driven engineering

L35, Puerto Venecia


KEN International employs expert civil, structural, and mechanical engineers who are able to carry out the design of even the most architecturally complex structures, innovate by applying cutting-edge techniques and lead the developments in the field by introducing new construction methods and new aesthetic trends. Following the designated construction codes and standards as well as the specific requirements that underpin the scope of each project, we prepare the complete layouts, drawings, designs and schematics that constitute the first step of materializing a construction vision. This type of services covers the full spectrum of structural engineering, from the design of the foundation based on the soil investigation report, to the dynamic loads and earthquake simulation in 3D modeling software tools. Our integration process brings added convenience and cost efficiency as we can produce multiple individualized layers for the depiction of the HVAC lines, structural reinforcement elements, plumbing, gas and electrical networks, all designed and planned for step-by-step construction in an optimal way. Finally, we are certified by Autodesk Architecture, Engineering and Construction Collection for BIM application.