Uniting architects and builders

Executive Architect

Our services extend to the specialized field of “Executive Architect”, laying a collaboration platform between the builders and the design architect. We see both as connected parties and we opt to keep them on the same page during the project delivery stage. This adds value to the final project and minimizes the risk of deviating from the approved architectural vision. We respect the vision of the architect and we share the same passion for materializing the design into reality without aberrations induced by cost-cutting, time-saving, or building comfort reasons. We also ensure that this design is absolutely compliant with the designated international and/or local engineering codes, something that the architect may not have completely anticipated. This ensures that the architectural plan is delivered unchanged while staying completely efficient engineering-wise.

The process includes the preparation of the detailed design documents consisting of drawings and documents in sufficient detail to illustrate the Architectural, Structural, MEP and all other pertinent information. We then prepare the specifications and schedules which are adequate to define the types and quality of constructions, specific structural materials, typical exterior, and interior finishes, types of materials and sources including the implications for maintenance, report and replacement to enable the client to better understand their application to the project. Finally, we advise the client regarding the cost implications and constructability of any substantive changes to the approved Schematic Design Documents related to materials, qualities, and details, prior to the incorporation of such changes on the documents for the Design Phase.