Transparency and efficiency under a single management platform

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Project Management

Project management is at the epicenter of our operations, providing the solid basis for a successful result in any type of construction project. Utilizing state of the art software tools such as Procore, PlanGrid, Revit, and other custom CPMS solutions that are tailored to meet the specific needs and requirements of each different project, we achieve optimal results in the feasibility evaluation, design development, construction planning and execution, and finally the resulting operational efficiency. Through this methodical approach, we lower the overall costs, maximize the value of a given budget, schedule the work items according to a pre-defined timeline and develop a risk mitigation and management plan which enables us to be prepared for any kind of problem-inducing issues. We possess extensive experience in dealing with construction project goals while taking into account the guidelines and requirements of local and international legislation that pertains to work safety and environmental protection.

In addition to the efficiency that we achieve in every step, our methodologies also offer a high level of transparency for all stakeholders, as we record and log the daily manpower engagement, projected and confirmed expenses, subcontractors’ contract terms, performance indicators measurements, suppliers’ bidding, latest approved shop drawings, risk assessment reports, critical path method analysis results, detailed material orders as well as site inspection and quality assurance test results. We go beyond just making vague promises about immaculate project management processes, as we openly share the details of this process with our clients.