Assuring optimum quality by focusing on the details

Quality Management

Our quality management services is an indispensable part of our success, as it reflects our persistence to the details in engineering, and our complete conformance with all of the international engineering standards that underpin our work in a project. Our Quality Management services begin with the definition of the objectives and requirements and the setting up of a tailored quality management plan. We then proceed to the definition of the quality standards that we will follow and respect and then organize the QA/QC program for the subcontractors, the testing requirements and procedures for our material suppliers and the proper storage and protection for material transportation agencies.

Next, we activate our “zero-defect” program by engaging our QA/QC engineers and inspectors who take on the filling out of their checklists according to a specific pre-determined schedule of inspections. All of the materials that arrive on-site are inspected, random batches are tested according to the requirements of international material testing standards (ASTM/ASME) and all of the relevant reports are produced and uploaded onto the construction management platform so that the stakeholders and concerned members of the workforce can track them and use them for reference. Similarly, inspections are being done during pre-cover-up operations and non-conformance incidents are tracked and reported for all vendors and subcontractors. The final acceptance tests and documentation are submitted to the client along with the relevant warranties, punch lists, test logs, and all of the most important quality assurance reports of the project.