FIDIC Certification on Contracts Management and Administration

KEN International has recently achieved the acquisition of a “Certification on Contracts Management and Administration” which involves a series of training courses relevant to the topic. Selected members of our workforce have attended the training courses that covered the full spectrum of the principles that underpin the field of contracts management and administration, essentially enriching their knowledge and strengthening their understanding of the latest developments in the methodologies and the most advanced software tools used in this type of services.

FIDIC which stands for “International Federation of Consulting Engineers” organizes courses for various levels of engineering expertise and specialization, following a specific set of standards and guidelines that pertain to sustainable and efficient engineering practices. This particular certification is placed on the intermediate engineering level, preparing our personnel for the advanced modules that they will attend in the near future and complementing their current level of expertise. The topics that were covered during this two-day seminar include: Contract Documents Preparation, Start-Up Procedures, Financial Control, Ongoing Supervision, Taking Over the Works, Defects Liability Period and Contract Completion, and finally the Contract Termination. Through this certification process, our specialists have been enabled to handle complex contract administration and project management documentation procedures with confidence.